Fairy Tail (4)

COOL, HOT and SEXY if these words were all made into a Japanese Anime this would definitely be the one! Fairy Tail is one of the biggest guilds in Fiore, its’ members always being the cause of trouble and are often being targeted by the council who take care of the all of Fiore. Fairy Tail takes you on a fairly eccentric journey full of magic, drama and adventure leaving you on the edge of your desk wondering what’s going to happen next.

There’s not much I can say that won’t spoil the anime but it truly is an awesome story which has heaps going on so ill base the review on the first 2 episodes.

Natsu a member of Fairy Tail his high temper, low control, hot-headed and eccentric personality makes him the pride and joy of this anime he uses a rare magic called dragon magic Natsu can make parts of his body become covered in flames and his companion a talking, fish loving and somewhat dense Cat Happy. Lucy the newcomer of Fairy Tale is a Celestial Wizard who has the magic to summon the zodiacs (eg. Aquarius, Taros) but only the ones that she has the keys for, she’s a real charmer getting caught up in trouble but making friends with Natsu is something she’ll never forget. Grey an Ice wizard who has a problem with keeping his clothes on and naturally is always beefing up to Natsu and Erza who has a passionate competitive attitude and the magic to Requip changing armour in the blink of an eye.

Over all this anime deserves a solid 4 fingers out of one hand because it  has a good story and always has something happening to captivate its audience, this is definitely another anime to add to your TO BE WATCHED list of anime and just hold up and wait for the next review.



Black Lagoon (4.5)

ADVENTURE, CHAOS, GUNS, GUNS & MORE GUNS! These things bring about one great anime! Full of action packed awesomeness. Rokuro Okajima aka Rock was your everyday run of the mill salary man working for Asahi Industries when his normal suit life plummeted in turmoil! Rock was taken hostage by Black Lagoon (A team of 3 pirates known widely in the black market), and was abandoned by Asahi Industries and declared dead to cover up the companies’ smuggling operation Rock unknowingly took part of. Soon after Rock joins Black Lagoon and began leading a life of a pirate… heavy drinking, adventure, violence and life and death situations on a day to day basis thus began the real ACTION!

Black Lagoon is an anime worth putting on your to be watched list if you haven’t got one of those… GET ONE! Revy one of the members in Black Lagoon is somewhat a psychotic gun maniac who wouldn’t even think twice before she shoots you. Revy being the blood lust babe of the series is the one most commonly in the centre of an all-out war. Her attire can be compared to that of ‘Lara Croft-Tomb Raider’ and Revy’s always strapped and ready for action with her deadly Twin Berettas.

Black Lagoon certainly doesn’t hold back on the hard-core comedy giving a good laugh to those that appreciate un-censored course language and violence themes. The animation quality is great!  Overall this anime really made me laugh and I adapted easily to the flow of scenarios so I gave this anime 4 and a half fingers out of one hand because it was exciting throughout the series, my only regret about watching the series is that I didn’t have popcorn.

Go and watch Black Lagoon there is 24 episodes too date, tell me what you think! Don’t forget to tell your friends and wait up for my next blog post.



Caught in a Pokeball

Hi guys and galls, the names Timothy but people call me ‘Timochy’. 

Ever since a young age iv’e had a fasination with the Japanese culture and life style but one thing stands out about me, my love for Japanese animation! Growing up I was only really watching mainstream american disney cartoons such as; Lion King, Little Mermaid, Aladin ect. But then latter on Just before i was in high school (Year 7) I watched a before school morning show called Cheese TV and was introduced to some of the classics of anime like Pokemon, Zoids and Bayeblades and from that young age i was definitely caught in a pokeball.

After a couple years i moved from Brisbane (where i grew up) and landed myself in East Gosford NSW getting myself aquainted with new people. Among the people I met where two guys Alec and Moffit they became my best mates and influenced my anime buds completely. I moved from mainstream Classics to: Drama, Action, Herem and heap of different types of Un-known animes. Unfortunately my stay in  NSW was shortly lived and soon moved to Mount Isolation… Mount Isa for short…

In Mount Isa my goal was to prove a point to my parents that i was capable of finishing year 12 which I did successfully all the long lived days craming Studies, Exercize, Filming and Anime into one day was not easily achieved but i was able to manage a steady grade. Living in Mount Isa i evolved into a Lvl 100 Anime freak, changing my prefrences in most Japanese Anime.

These days i now spend working, eating and watching anime full time, so if your intrested in anime… or your friend is… or your friends friend is… then send the link to others. My aim is to help people find awesome anime that suit them and they’ll enjoy. I’ll finish this up with an insparational quote from pokemon.

-Brock: “When you have lemons, you make lemonade; and when you have rice, you make rice balls.”

Thanks for visiting be sure to bookmark and comeback later and see what i have for you.